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Alexis Petry

About Me

Alexis Petry, Designer

Alexis Petry, Designer

Moxie’s newest Designer, Alexis (Lexi) Petry, is responsible for supporting Moxie’s creative team in designing marketing collateral, websites, logos, design elements and promotional campaigns. Lexi brings a creative approach and clean execution to her designs while keeping the client’s brand in focus.

Prior to joining Moxie, Lexi worked for Journal Multimedia in Harrisburg as a graphic designer producing special publications such as Best Places to Work and Women of Influence. She holds an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology from the Art Institute of York Pennsylvania where she achieved academic honors and the Silver Award of Excellence in Design.

 A Little Inside Info

What activities do you enjoy and why?

I enjoy spending time with my niece, Ava. She is a little ball of energy and always keeps me on my toes. Whether it’s dancing to the latest Justin Bieber song or sharing a soft pretzel while watching Tangled. I am also very close with my mom. We spend just about every Sunday together and no matter what it is that we are doing we spend it laughing.

What is your favorite meal and/or snack food?

Considering I’m a lover of all things edible this was a tough question. I think I’d have to say it’s a tie between edamame and corn fritters. A little salty and a little sweet!

What are you most passionate about professionally?

As cheesy as it sounds, I just generally like what I do. Even on my free time you’ll find me checking out design sites, researching new fonts, and scrolling through pinterest. I’m an avid pinner and am energized by viewing other artist’s work.


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  • Martin's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
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  • Anstine - Campaign

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